About Us

My favorite color is night black and bloody red. Does that mean I am depressed? Well, if not, then probably the image that I always cry before I go to sleep, and the fact that I usually listen to “depressing” songs will tell you that I am close to it? Still no? Then, I believe you can teach me a thing or two on how to become depressed? I can make myself one if you’ll just tell me.


For starters, you should know that depression is not something you can “turn on” if you only feel like it. I will tell you now that it’s definitely more than that. A depressive disorder (or depression) is both a neurological and psychological disease that can affect anyone and everyone that you know. Nobody is exempted from this illness. As a fact, even the “happiest” person that’s close to you can be affected by depression without you having a clue. And the hardest way to discover such truth is to learn that the person you never believe to be depressed is the same one who killed himself because he doesn’t want to live in it anymore. The experience is utterly tragic.


It’s what pushed me to create this website where I can tell people about depression and the potential treatments that they could have taken first before putting an end to their lives. I can’t bring myself back to the time when that unfateful event occurred, but I can still make other people have an awareness of the endless possibilities and opportunities. The doors where they spent most of their weak moments may have been closed for the longest time that they are knocking, but there is still hope. They only have to look for other possible entries because the backdoor has always been there and left open somewhere.


You and I can be that open door. Do you mind being one for these people? Tell me what you think. Message me.