Dealing with a severe sadness also known as depression is not easy. It needs to be treated and administered right away. Although grief is a normal emotion that an individual may encounter, it could still be harmful if the feeling is prolonged. Having a depressed feeling could bring the sensation of carrying a huge burden or being a burden to others. Causes and symptoms of being depressed may vary depending on the condition of the patient.

In the United States of America, millions of people have been reported to suffer from depression due to different reasons. It can be caused by family problems, personal issues, and side effects of other severe medical conditions. As per the report of the National Institute of Mental Health or the NIMH, depression has been labeled as the most dangerous emotional and mental disorder due to its ability to manipulate the state of mind.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a study from 2014 claimed that a vast amount of adults living in the United States had been diagnosed with depression (approximately 15.7 million individuals equivalent to 6.7% of the total population within the country). In addition, a follow-up report presented that 2.8 million young adults ranging from 12 to 17 years old were diagnosed with the major depressive disorder; this report is equivalent to 11.4% of the total number of a young adult in the United States.

Patients claimed that they encounter severe episodes of emotional symptoms and feeling of deprivation for the months and it prolonged than the usual span of time that sadness conquers their emotion.

All About Depression

As stated above, a severe sadness that lasts for about a week or months could be considered as a symptom of depression. However, its signs may vary depending on how critical the condition is and its causes. Thus, according to a study, there are no clear patterns of causes when it comes in depression. Psychiatrists and other medical experts made a list of possible reasons that they had seen upon the process of diagnosis on individuals who suffer from depression. These causes are chemicals that the brain produces which can have an effect on the whole system, hormonal changes, family background and medical history, previous traumatic experience, other severe medical condition, and medications in treating health issues.

Moreover, depression comes with many different types and symptoms. In addition, with the uncontrollable increasing number of patient with depression, the desire of the medical community to discover a treatment that will adequately handle and manage the severe depression led them to develop many types of therapies that could help patients in managing their depression. Those treatments come in the form of oral medications and lifestyle therapies. Thus, after a couple of months of using those therapies, there are still a massive amount of patients who were complaining about the result of medications to their cases.

That is the time when scientists and experts conducted a clinical trial including the use of cannabis sativa plant and its two cannabinoids which are the CBD and THC, in discovering the most effective way to manage depression. They thought that the power of medical cannabis in reducing the pain and inflammation could contribute a considerable help in dealing with depression.

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