January 14, 2019

How Depression Changes Your Daily Routine

Our senses give us various types of feelings such as happiness, sadness, hopeful, excited, and much other emotional behaviors that we could encounter in our daily living. It can be mild, severe and exaggerated emotions that will burst out of us which we can not contain on ourselves.


Human beings have two dominant emotional behaviors, happiness, and sadness. Those two can be felt in a mild or severe way. The extreme delight could uplift our mood and add up to our daily dose of energy; it can help us to feel motivated enough to do our daily activities. On the other hand, there is sadness which can be the reason of many other emotional and mental complications. Yes, it is definitely a pure emotion that anyone could feel, but sorrow could come in two different way, mild, and intense sadness.


This intense feeling of sadness refers to worthlessness, hopeless, and helpless that could be the effect of isolated due to different diseases which prevent a person to do their daily routine. If it is something familiar to your emotions or your colleague’s, then it is essential to know every little thing about to fight and deal with it.


Understanding Depression


An intense sadness could lead to depression. If you are going to think of it, depression is not a simple bunch of grief; it is a severe one that could affect not only your emotional and mental status but also human’s physical capabilities. Most of the time, many people think that depression is a simple label of sadness and is not real at all. However, that kind of thinking is not right. Depression is considered as the significant depressive order based on the United States Psychiatric Community. Medical experts made two essential types of depression, the clinical one which can be treated by various medications and psychotic one. However, there are other kinds of grief, but we thought that it could easily understand by the public if we go straight to the point.


To discuss the clinical depression, it is the “most” severe kind of sadness and is popularly known as major depression. This type of depression refers to a unipolar stage caused by episodic sorrow and loss of interest in doing activities. While psychotic depression is a kind of severe grief which could cause delusions and hallucinations that may be each effect of a previous traumatic experience.


Thus, before assuming that a person is one of those depressive individuals, they can undergo various clinical diagnosis which could help them and their doctor to determine their condition. Some of the newly discovered techniques that could tell if they are suffering from depression are physical examinations, screenings, survey and interview regarding the symptoms and family background which could be the reason for their emotional disorder and other medical tests to know if there are any other health condition that may develop during the process.


Loss of interest, unexplainable changes in appetite and mood, insomnia, fatigue, having a feeling of guilt, unfocused thinking, lower self-esteem, and suicidal mindset are some of the symptoms, but it may vary depending on the condition and causes of the illness, that could tell if a person is suffering from depression. However, factors such as own personality, genes, environment, and chemicals due to the medications that were taken prior to the diagnosis of the disorder. Thus, its causes can be due to other medical conditions such as tumors on the central nervous system, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and head injuries. In addition, physical abuse, medications for other illness, personal problems, and loss of a loved one could also be the reason for having depression.


How Depression Change Your Daily Routine


Depression may change a person’s daily routine by affecting the way they see life and living. It is not limited by sleeping disorder or eating problems. When you or someone you know is a diagnosed person with depression, every little thing on their lives and way of living may change. Talking to someone could be as hard as giving a speech in front of hundreds of people, appreciation of simple street lights and night outs could lower or even diminish entirely to their system, adopting different vices such as dependency on alcohol, smoking, and also taking illegal pills just to satisfy their emotions.


Daily activities may seem to be difficult even if is really not. It could also have a negative impact on their professional career, education and personal living. The feeling of worthless, unconcentrated and losing self-esteem could affect the way they communicate with other people. In addition, depression does not only conquer the individual who has it but also the people surrounding them including family members, friends, and co-workers. Unproductive performance when doing office stuff, losing interestest to the things that they actually want to do before depression appears to them may also change the way of living.


Visiting hospital more often could also trigger the isolation feeling that an individual has which can add to their depression. Plus, the pain from other severe medical conditions could also contribute to their feeling of intense grief. Insecurities to other people who can freely do whatever they want to do may also be experienced during the process.


Dealing with Depression


As stated above, depression could affect one’s daily living and their perspective on life. However, as recent studies suggest, there are already newly discovered medical treatments and therapies to help a patient with depression in managing and dealing with their disorder. The medications in the form of oral pills, injectables, and also changing the lifestyle with the help of other people and medical experts could help them cope up with their disease.


In fact, treatments for depression include a self-treatment meaning to say, a person with this kind of emotional disorder can do something to help their self in coping and dealing with the illness. Everyday exercise, having a healthy diet, talking to other people to gain moral support, enough sleep which sleeping pills could help them, reducing stress due to environmental issues, and proper handling of personal problems are other things that they should consider. Having a personal plan and healthy boundaries could also assist in recovering to depression.


Furthermore, recent studies include the use of cannabis sativa plant as an alternative medicine to help someone who suffers in depression to relieve their pain, stress and help them cope up with other activities. Thus, its medical use is still under intense debate and facing a huge controversy by the federal law. Doctor’s prescriptions regarding the medications that one should take must be taken into consideration.

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